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Many years ago I wanted to go to Bible College,  well it happened. it was a Bible College through Satelite at this church that I attended.  I was thrilled to think I could take Bible College each day and learn about the Lord in a closer way.  My teachers were excellent and I had never heard of them before.  Lester Sumrall, T.L Osborn, Charles Capps, Kenneth Hagen and a few more.  I was thrilled.  As my classes started I realized how much I had been missing and wanted to learn more.  I couldn't wait to attend.  It was wonderful.  Over the years many have asked if I could put a Bible School together and for some reason it was always rdelayed.  Then one day this came to me.   I have been doing a lot of watching videos of the classes that I took and want to share it with you.   Please feel free to view them, take notes and if you have any questions please let me know.  Many of these people have passed on to be with the Lord but there message will richly bless you...  Please send me a message and let me know how you liked their lessons.  Just click on their names and message and you will be taken to the page to begin your wonderful journey in learning about the Lord.  Hannah

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The Most High by Dr. Lester Sumrall

HOW TO COPE - Video Content:

1 Unbelief                            14 Rejection                     27 Unanswered Prayers

2 Passive Mind                    15 Sin Problem                 28 Pride

3 Depression                       16 Self Confidence          29 Apathy

4 Fear                                   17 Rebellion                     30 Poverty

5 Disappointment               18 Prejudice                     31 Revenge

6 Sickness                             19 Anxiety                       32 Boredom

7 Anger                                 20 Tension                       33 Condemnation

8 Broken Home                    21 Lust                             34 Mistreatment

9 Mental Illness                    22 Human Problems       35 Social Injustice

10 Suicidal Tendency           23 Loneliness                   36 Cowardice

11 Guilt                                 24 Failure                          37 Temptation

12 Death                               25 Emptiness                    38 Jealousy

13 Unforgiveness                 26 A Grey World               39 Tragedy

40  Fear of Unknown

41 Deviate Sex

42 Spiritual Deadness

43 Irresponsibility

44 Child Abuse

45 Insecurity

46 Being Unwanted

Dr. Lester Sumrall 
Click on Lesson Guide in PDF File to Download as you listen to the video.

Volume One & Two

One                   Two
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